Paradox: Moebius strip; How many sides are there? Paradox In Flight of the Garuda Zhabkar uses images to depict the situation that something seemingly exists, but in reality there is nothing. In Tibetan the phrase of gzhi med pa is used, which means literally: groundless, or without ground. There also is a compound ghzi rtsa [...]

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Jan Willem and the shaman Don Lorenzo Jirillo discussing in Quechua Language Recently I watched the movie ‘Arrival’. Alien spaceships have reached the Earth, and communication has to be established. The soldiers in the movie think as military men do, in terms of friend or foe; they only speak one language, that of war. De [...]

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Ritual and Ceremony

Festival of Q'ollur R'iti, Ausangate region in Peru Ritual and Ceremony Is there a difference between the two? The following might seem only a semantic issue, but I find it rather important. For most people ritual and ceremony may seem synonyms. Their arguing is that ritual holds ceremony and vice versa. But to me this [...]

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Reality exploration Part II

Cape of Good Hope, SA,  Looking Beyond Reality exploration Part II In this blog I will discuss some aspects of what reality exploration might yield. Someone, having attended the meeting I described in Part I, called me. Being a musician, he told me that only by being in the moment, without thinking and deliberations of [...]

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What is Liberation?

Yellowstone Park USA What is Liberation? In the Clarification I have explained how in Buddhism enlightenment was marginalised into the highest secret knowledge. Zhabkar however, of whom my feeling is that he could be very obstinate and contrarious – his autobiography shows – says that this is not the case. Allegedly many of his students [...]

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Let’s leave religion out of it

Huaca of Q’ollur R’iti, Huaman Lipa region, Peru Let' leave religion out of it. I have once seen this sentence somewhere on the web, and attributed to de Dalai Lama. I could not find it again. I hope he has said it. But then, what does it mean? It is widely known that the Dalai [...]

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Abracadabra and Meaning

Crop circle 2009 What is the meaning of this? Is it language, a blueprint for a device?  Copyright Steve Alexander www.temporarytemples.co.uk, by permission. Abracadabra and Meaning Once in a while I roam on A Skeptic’s Dictionary (www.skepdic.com). The site is about exposing ‘strange beliefs, amusing deceptions and dangerous delusions’. It has some base in materialistic [...]

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Reality Exploration Part I

Clouds in the form of a lama foetus above Ausangate, Peru Reality Exploration Part I Lately I gave a talk about the Garuda for a Dutch Gentlemen’s Club. I was convinced before that the idea of the imagined orders, and the idea that one sees reality distorted by ones own lenses, i.e. the preferences one [...]

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Consciousness and locality; a wild guess

The huaca of Q’ollur R’iti, Huaman Lipa region Peru* Consciousness and Locality, A wild guess Where abides the mind? Science swears it must be in the brain, because where could it be otherwise? Indeed we experience our consciousness in our awakened state in the brain, or at least in our body. But is this the [...]

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Simultaneous and gradual liberation

Rainbow in Tinqi, Peru Simultaneous or gradual liberation In western neo-advaita the standard has become to understand liberation as necessarily being like a bolt of lightning, the understanding dawning on you just by hearing the teaching. But alas, this happens extremely seldom. Most people go on hearing satsang after satsing how simple it all [...]

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