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It all changes; the past also?

Lately I had a dream in which it was said that the phrase ‘times change’ is equal to ‘all changes’.
This reminded me of the famous aphorism, attributed to Heraclitus: panta rhei, everything flows, that is bound to our Western understanding of constant change, but has at the same time the underlying unmoving constant of the concept of change itself, which is paradoxical in a way.
In my dream the change was not pointing to the change as constant aspect of the future, but also to the constant change of the past.

We are familiar with the idea of change, but only as far as it concerns the future. However, our nightmares and fears stem from past experiences that are in a strange way concocted into seemingly rigid and frozen structures that we visit in our mind over and over without being able to change them. In our understanding of the past they happened, and are unchangeable by that fact alone. Is this just really so?

Zhabkar points out that our understanding of the present is blurred, because we look at the manifestations through the filters in our mind. His first aim is to see these manifestations ‘naked’, that is to see them as they really are. For this many lines of training are reserved in The Garuda.
But when we have experienced this new way of seeing, we should be able to assess that our experience of past events is also blurred. With our new way of seeing we will be able to review them in a new light. This alone will help to solve many problems.
My point is thus that through the practice of ‘naked’ seeing not only the present and future manifestations are seen differently, with new eyes, but that also past experiences, when relived in your mind’s eye, will change. This process will be almost go automatically with the training that Zhabkar proscribes.
There may be deep ingrained habits that sometimes need more. Speaking for myself, I have tackled these with shamanic ceremonies.

My dream showed me clearly how in this way not only the present and the future is fluid, but that also the past in reality is not a frozen rigid structure that is unassailable, but is in fact as fluid as the present and the future. Because the difficulties you might have now stem from the orientation of your mind by these past experiences, you might be full of hope, starting this training to solve most of them, if not all.

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