Resumé of Jan Willem van Ee

Jan Willem (1946) was until his retirement in 2004 a civil law notary in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He studied civil law and notarial law at Free University at Amsterdam and canon law at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). In these fields he received MA’s.

He was in the forefront of mediation in The Netherlands, and he also studied conflict managemant at the Maastricht University.

Jan Willem published scientific articles in the range of notarial law, canon law, church and state, as well as conflict theory and mediation.

His father was a school professor in the classical languages Latin and Greek, and something of a knack for languages he seems to have inherited. Along the six languages taught in the classical Dutch curriculum of the time Jan Willem taught himself Chinese, later Quechua (the Inka language) and recently classical Tibetan. He wrote a short simplified grammar for Quechua language that is published on his website.

After his retirement he made an inquiry, partly very intensive, in a number of subjects that normally are called alternative. To these belong Enneagram and an esoteric form (about which he wrote a book, free on his website), Feng Shui, Qi Gong, geomancy and dowsing, Kabbala, western astrology, Peruvian shamanism, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

He devised also a very innovative theory on conflict, based on Autopoiesis (Maturana and Varela). The English text is also free on his website.

These many topics and experiences enable him to see connections that are not obvious at first sight. This new book, Flight of the Garuda is an example of this.

More information you will find on his website

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