Ritual and Ceremony

Festival of Q'ollur R'iti, Ausangate region in Peru Ritual and Ceremony Is there a difference between the two? The following might seem only a semantic issue, but I find it rather important. For most [...]

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Reality exploration Part II

Cape of Good Hope, SA,  Looking Beyond Reality exploration Part II In this blog I will discuss some aspects of what reality exploration might yield. Someone, having attended the meeting I described in Part [...]

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What is Liberation?

Yellowstone Park USA What is Liberation? In the Clarification I have explained how in Buddhism enlightenment was marginalised into the highest secret knowledge. Zhabkar however, of whom my feeling is that he could be [...]

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Let’s leave religion out of it

Huaca of Q’ollur R’iti, Huaman Lipa region, Peru Let' leave religion out of it. I have once seen this sentence somewhere on the web, and attributed to de Dalai Lama. I could not find [...]

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Abracadabra and Meaning

Crop circle 2009 What is the meaning of this? Is it language, a blueprint for a device?  Copyright Steve Alexander www.temporarytemples.co.uk, by permission. Abracadabra and Meaning Once in a while I roam on A [...]

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Reality Exploration Part I

Clouds in the form of a lama foetus above Ausangate, Peru Reality Exploration Part I Lately I gave a talk about the Garuda for a Dutch Gentlemen’s Club. I was convinced before that the [...]

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