Garuda by Jocelyn Weimar
Flight of the Garuda Song 11

1. Again, you all, excellent sons of the mind: Please listen!

This is the truth: There is not a single teaching of the Buddha,
Which says that in your mind there is a doer
Who has an identified essence and form, colour and so on.
5. While from beginningless times ungraspable emptiness resembles space,
Be ascertained that the mind is the paradox of emptiness.
Although the sky exemplifies the mind itself,
For now it only serves as an example of the emptiness, because
The mind, rigpa-rich and emptiness, arises as whatever,
10. But space, rigpa-less and empty, is only a blankness.
Because of this one cannot properly depict the mind with the example of the sky.
This is the introduction to the emptiness of the mind itself.

The mind itself, luminosity and emptiness; from its own lively potency
Dawn all sorts of manifestations, whatever.
15. Although they manifest, like the reflections in a mirror,
They are not two, but in the state of emptiness they are one.
This is the introduction to manifestation that in reality is emptiness.

From beginningless times, emptiness and manifestation is not two, meaning,
Because the mind itself is emptiness the manifestations are unstopped, and
20. (Seen) from the state of emptiness,
Provided that you do not judge them, they are splendid to watch.[1]
Through manifestations the emptiness does not cease to be, and but
Although manifesting, their nature is from time immemorial emptiness.

Like the colours of a rainbow in the sky and the reflection of a moonform on the water,
For the yogi who has understood manifestation and emptiness as not two
25. The phenomena of Samsara and Nirvana are the august play of illusion.
When he has perceived the non-duality of manifestation and emptiness in this display,
His intellect and mind, having become unwavering, are at ease: Peace and Ease!
To discern whether this is so or not, my fortunate sons,
Look and see if the emptiness and manifestations of your own mind
30. Each have their own classification, and then you know that
Manifestation and emptiness since ancient times is not two.

Sons of the mind, preserve in this way day and night, around the clock,
Without distinction between formal sessions of meditation and otherwise,
The non-duality of manifestation and emptiness, and (be someone that) lucidly experiences the spontaneous arising rigpa and luminous clarity, that is,
35. The three kayas spontaneous present august contemplation.[2]

This is the introduction to non-dual spontaneous liberation.

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